CONTEMPORARY ART | Edizione 2021 Misha Libertee "Costasera 2003"

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Contains Sulphites - Product of Italy

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The Boscaini family keeps a unique collection of fine wines in its private cellars, produced in limited quantities and only in the best years, which the family likes to share with lovers of Masi wines.
Campolongo di Torbe is Masi’s elegant cru version of Amarone, with smooth almond aromas, great intensity and balance.
The grapes come from the eponymous vineyard, which has been noted for its quality since the XII century.
Grapes are left to dry naturally
in traditional drying lofts during the cold winter months.


The artist selected for the 2021 edition is the Russian Misha Libertee (Mikhail Tsaturyan), multidisciplinary artist and designer whose works are characterised by bright colours and textures and a deliberately commercial choice of aesthetics. His eccentric sense of humour conceals a profound social mission: his public art installations on ecological topics highlight the problem of the extinguishing of certain animal species and reveal an intense respect for the planet. The labels reproducing his work adorn a selection of bottles of Costasera 2003.

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