CONTEMPORARY ART | Edizione 2013 Billgreen - "Costasera 1998"

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Contains Sulphites - Product of Italy

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The Boscaini family keeps a unique collection of fine wines in its private cellars, produced in limited quantities and only in the best years, which the family likes to share with lovers of Masi wines.
Mazzano is an austere and majestic wine, the prototype for Amarone. The grapes come from the eponymous vineyard, famous for the quality of its produce since the XII century, and are laid out in traditional drying lofts during the cold winter months.


The artist chosen for the first edition is Ernst Billgren, one of the most famous contemporary artists in Sweden, whose art extends beyond paintings and sculpture to music, literature, design, cinema and stage sets. Labels with reproductions of his artwork will be used for a prestigious run of bottles of Costasera 1998.

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